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"Eric Wagner is a fantastic drum teacher. He really introduced me to everything that being a drummer had to offer. He got me reading music, playing all different styles, working on my coordination, interpreting lead sheets, and working on the most important thing as a drummer, your pocket. Also, he really helped me prepare for my audition to get into Berklee College of Music, where I have been studying drumset, composition, and production for the last 3 years. I definitely recommend Eric to anyone who is interested in really diving into the art of drumming!"


-Josh Canevari - Berklee College of Music Student

"Eric is great with kids and works hard to accommodate parents' schedules. He is patient, yet clear about the expectations and makes the lessons fun. In addition to being an expert in his field, he is also very trustworthy and has a high level of integrity."


-Loretta Kellogg

"Eric is the Drum Master. He has helped my son on so many levels. Thank-you Eric" 


-Ken Mahoney -

2011 Tony Award Winning Broadway Producer of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.


“One of the area's best - Eric is a superb musician and overall human being. He is a devoted teacher and artist who cares deeply about his craft, and brings a perpetual, infectious good humor into the studio with him. If I had a son or daughter taking drum who wanted to take lessons, he would be my first call; if I am ever in need of a percussionist who will be professional, fun to work with, and uphold exacting standards of musicianship, he IS my first call.”

Liz Gerbi 


“An expert in music education - I have known Eric W. for going on three years during which time he has also been my Drum Instructor. I see Eric for my lesson(s) at least four times per month. This has also permitted me to see Eric interact with his other students of all ages and abilities. Let me say in the most definitive way possible that Eric is a consummate expert in his field. His impeccable character and demeanor is completely in fitting with his utter professionalism. He is music wise and mature well beyond his years. His is without question a far, far superior instructor to most anyone out there. I am not the least surprised that he was given a World Wide ranking as one of the Greatest Instructors. Yes, he has percussion/drumming skills that could rival even most renowned drummers but that is only the half of it. Eric has gifts that no amount of learning years can instill. That is, he truly knows how to communicate with people. And I mean with anyone. Children, adults, young and old, Eric can do it all. To see him in action is a testament to this singular gift he possesses. All his clients/customers get the added benefit of this unique trait that allows Eric to appropriately convey the right messages, instructional cues and musical direction. It naturally makes him a Great administrator as well. He does it a way that is altogether fitting and appropriate to his individual pupils. No one can do it better. Trust me, you cannot and will not find a better Drum Instructor than Eric.”

Adam S. 

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