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"Eric has been by far the best drum teacher my son has had over the years. Patient and talented, Eric is clearly one of the best drum teachers in the Hudson Valley. My son's drumming improved tremendously under his tutelage. Would highly recommend him."



"Eric has the patience and insight in dealing with young children's fragile egos. He knows how to subdue their frustrations and gives them encouragement when tackling a difficult assignment. My son started at the age of 5 and, now at the age of 10, has shown wondrous progress under Eric's tutelage. My son joined his school band, and in the 4th grade was placed with the Advanced Ensemble, alongside his 7th and 8th grade school mates due to his advanced knowledge of the instrument. Eric gave my son the confidence to play alongside his peers in a multi-instrument environment."


-Kathy McKeown

"Eric Wagner started to instruct my son to play the drums from the very start of my son's desire to learn the instrument. Eric's education and professional back ground enabled Joey to learn the basics quickly. Eric has fundamental knowledge of the drums and instructs well right from the beginning. Eric is also very flexible with his schedule to meet ours. I sit in on all instructions free of charge and have learned a lot from attending my son's sessions."


-Joseph  Salituro


"I was excited to find a drum instructor that not only is a great player but is also well schooled in the art of drumming. I also found his ability to play and teach multiple styles from rock to jazz a real plus. He is dedicated to his art which is apparent in his approach with his students. I highly recommend Eric for drummers at all levels."


-Alex James, drummer, multi-percussionist



"When no one else was willing to give our 4 year old son drum lessons because of his young age, Eric Wagner said he would give him a shot. Its been 3.5 years now and we are more than happy that Eric gave our son a chance. He was his youngest student at the time.

Eric is a very patient and supportive teacher who makes learning fun. What's also great about Eric is that he is flexible and very accommodating to our busy and active lifestyles. He helped us choose the right drum set for our son and even came to our house to help set them up! Thanks for everything, Eric!"


-The O'Brien's



"Eric is a true professional. A talented Drummer/Percussionist and a very good teacher. I highly recommend Eric for either performance or education." 


-Lou Varuzzo - Director of Education/CFO, Paul Effman Music 



"Eric is a great drummer, who knows a wide variety of genres. He's easy to work with, patient, and flexible. I highly recommend Eric and the drum studio. 


-Robyn Taylor, On Air Personality, WPDH, 

Cumulus Broadcasting

Personal instruction and flexibility

"Eric has a particular knack for identifying each students strengths and areas for improvement. Our son, who started taking lessons when he was 9 has grown exponentially as a percussionist under Eric's guidance. He works with us in preparing for performances and makes sure our son gets well rounded instruction too. Eric is approachable and a great communicator. Investing in lessons with Eric was one of the best musical education decisions we have made for our son."


-Tina Vaitkus


Eric Wagner drum studio a hit!!!

"Eric Wagner drums is GREAT!!! His schedule is flexible when necessary. He also maintains students interests with a variety if genres! Convenient and updated electronic payment system! Has the latest and greatest equipment in his studio. Very well connected to the local music teachers in area districts."


-Mike S


"My son has been taking drum lessons from Eric for close to two years now. I know from my son's comments after a lesson that he really enjoys Eric personally. He loves how he is so relaxed while teaching and this makes my son feel very comfortable. He says that Eric is always encouraging him, while also challenging him to work harder to improve his skills. My son took from another drum teacher prior to Eric and while I am not a drummer, I can hear a tremendous improvement in my son's work and see how much more he enjoys himself as he plays. I also like how Eric goes about getting my son to practice more. It is always in a positive way and one that usually works. I especially like when my son plays along with prerecorded music that Eric has given him on his flash drive. You can really hear a true understanding emerging as he improvises each time he plays along. Eric is an outstanding teacher and motivator and your child couldn't be in better hands."


-Roger Ouellette 



"I have been taking lessons from Eric Wagner and as a beginning drummer in his late 40s I need a teacher that is patient and willing to explain different aspects of drumming more than once!


To top it off, I am left handed! Eric has no problem teaching me the opposite of how he drums, not an easy task.


I live on the other side of the Hudson River and travel to Poughkeepsie to take lessons from Eric.


As every good student should do, I explored my options as it relates to other teachers. First, Eric is the only teacher that has a studio (not in his house). It is nice to go to quiet place with good acoustics with no distractions. Other teachers either have you go to their house or put you in the back of a store.


These other teachers do not spend time with their students teaching their students how to read music, they dwell more on teaching you how to play a song. Their teaching sites had horrible drum kits; some only had an electric drum set in rooms the size of a mouse trap.


Eric believes in teaching the foundations of drumming and branching off from there. He is a true professional and spends money (reinvests in his business) to update his studio with proper equipment.


Eric is a very nice person who believes in himself and teaches with confidence and poise.


I highly recommend Eric to beginners and all drummers who want to expand their knowledge of drumming."


-Cliff Feldman



"Eric has provided drum lessons to my son for a number of years and he continues to do so. He demonstrated excellent communication skills with our son as was able to guide him into becoming one of the most accomplished drummers in a renown large school music program. Our son has been the drummer for the competitive Jazz band at Arlington High School plus a member of Marching Band and the top school band and orchestra.. That Jazz Machine won the top prize at the prestigious Berklee Jazz Festival in Boston, Mass in 2009 and our son won the Judge's Choice Award at the competition in 2008. Our son has received a number of recognitions and music program scholarships to camps and a Berklee Percussion Festival. Much of his success is owed to skills learned and "polished" while working with Eric Wagner. We have referred a number of other students to Eric over the years and the parents of these students have all expressed their appreciation for the referral and satisfaction with their experiences with Eric. I would highly recommend Eric Wagner." 


-Michael Kranis - Kranis Law



"Eric is a consummate musician and teacher. He is loved by his students. His depth of knowledge is obvious, his discipline, hard work and affable nature make him an invaluable addition to our program. He is patient with the beginning students, demanding of the advanced students, and thoroughly dependable. He is a cut above what I have found to be the typical drum teacher. He is an excellent musician and is in demand by many groups and theaters in the area. Eric would be an asset to any situation. I recommend him without reservation." 


-Paul Nelson - Director of Music at Trinity-Pawling School



"Eric is a fantastic drum instructor. My daughter has never taken drum lessons before she began with Eric, and she has learned an incredible amount in her first year! She is now the first drummer in her school band, and more importantly, she loves playing and going to her lessons to work with Eric. I couldn't recommend Eric more highly!"


-Heather McIntosh - Freelance Writer,



"Eric is a super musician with a broad talent range. His performance ability and experience is tremendous. He is an excellent teacher." 


-David Mills, PhD, Professor, Director of Bands , University of Connecticut 



"Eric Wagner has proven himself as a knowledgeable and thorough drum teacher. He has taught credit students at Dutchess Community College and provided them with a strong grounding in drum fundamentals as well as helping them achieve greater proficiency in a wide variety of styles." 


-Christopher Brellochs, Chair of the Music Certificate Program and Department Supervisor of Music , Dutchess Community College 



"Eric is an extraordinary teacher and drummer . He is dedicated to his craft and his knowledge in music is well documented. I would recommend him as a teacher for new and old students alike . I myself was a student of Henry Adler one of the leading authorities in drumming methods and hold Eric to a very high standard. He has done nothing but surpassed everything I would expect from a teacher and friend."


-Anthony McAuley 



"Eric by far is one of the best music instructors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He has taught students that have gone on to excel in local, state and national competitions. In addition, he is a quality music performer in his own right. I am proud to be associated with Eric and am always pleased to recommend him." 


-Charles North , President/CEO , Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce



"When you hire Eric, you can expect all the best. Not only is he a talented performer, but he is a consummate professional. His work is creative and reliable, and he is a pleasure to work with! I have hired him multiple times to perform with my choruses, and intend to do so again often!" 


-Amy Martin - Professional Singer, Middle School Chorus Teacher 



"Eric is a highly effective and talented instructor who understand his students gifts and limitations and prepare an academic protocol suitable for the student to flourish without disappointment. I truly gifted teacher and drummer."


-William G. Sayegh, Esq., Sayegh Law



"Eric is a helpful and effective drum instructor that provides space for the student to grow and learn at their own pace while continually challenging them and pushing their limit."


-Kevin Gagliano 



"Eric brought Brad from a novice level, having only received lessons in school and playing with music on his own, to where he could read and write sheet music, play along with almost anything he liked to listen to, qualified to play in the school Jazz Bands, Marching Bands, and is acing his Music classes in school. This past week he had a significant vibe solo in the school concert. He recently was warming up with some old workbooks and said, "I remember when these were so hard and I was so frustrated." Thanks, Eric."


-Gary Fisher - IBM & Marist 



"Eric is very knowledgeable of playing and teaching percussion instruments. He is very patient and even-tempered yet challenging. I highly recommend him for people young and old (I'm 45)." 


-Matt Connelly 

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